Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We're moving!

As most of you know by now Jordan signed with Jacksonville yesterday! He will remain in Jacksonville through the end of this season (1 more game) and then will return home on Monday after the last game.

The timing was a bit of a surprise because we were under the impression he couldn't sign with a team until free agency begins in March....well we were wrong! We were hanging out watching a movie on Friday when Jacksonville called and Jordan left an hour later for Florida! We were expecting a normal Christmas holiday this year since Jordan is injured and not playing. This would have been the first in 6 years BUT not so much. Jordan has to stay in Jacksonville this week as they finish out the season Sunday. So....Hunter and I are in Dallas with the fam wishing Jordan was here :(

We will be moving this spring (March/April) to Florida so he can begin offseason with the team. We have no plans at the moment to sell our Houston house or move our belongings. We plan to rent a condo in Florida since he signed a short term contract (1 year). His shoulder should be completely healthy in time for the 2009 season. In fact, I predict his shoulder will be 100% by March!

We are very sad to leave our Houston friends and our church here but we are very excited about the move and look forward to being Floridians for 8 months as well as all the traveling we plan to do up and down the east cost while we're there :)....so many places to see!

Go Jags!


Meagan said...

Woohoo! Disneyworld here we come!

BrookeMahan said...

Congrats!! YAY! Now hopefully we can see each other more often. What a nice Christmas gift and so glad you are able to be with family and Jordan will be able to come home.

Merry Christmas