Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Santa Baby

I am often reminded by others of how fortunate I am to have a sister who is a photographer... I must say...I do LOVE IT! Look at this cutie, courtesy of Meagan Block Photography


Krystal and Aaron said...

The pics turned out so great.She does such a good job.

Sarah W. said...

I love your family picture at the end. Precious. Hunter is so adorable. I am so glad I got to see you guys!! And be one to remind you how lucky you are to have Megan :).

And responding to your is funny to realize how much you are like someone when you read more facts than you ever want to know. Because most of that stuff is not things that come up in conversation.
I do not think I have ever shared my dislike for clapping until now :). It was random, but talking about church made me think of how we clap....and I do not like to do it!!

BrookeMahan said...

OMG Seriously you truly are so lucky!! These pics are fantastic...too cute! I would give anything to have someone who could take professional pics of Owen all the time! We spent a fortune on maternity and newborn photos. Therefore, went to Sears for the 3 month get what you pay for that's for sure HA!! They were still cute though.

heather said...

Great pictures Ash! He's getting so big! Hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas!!