Thursday, December 25, 2008

Missin Daddy

Well Christmas was WONDERFUL!! It was so great to spend time with family and to get to see Jordan today. We are exhausted from all the festivities and wouldn't you know my camera battery died before I got to take a single picture! Don't worry plenty of relatives took pics but I will have to wait for them to get me copies before I can post them.

Before we knew Jordan was going to be able to come home today we sent him a little text message with a picture of Hunter and a message to Jordan just to let him know we missed him. Hunter has been really cheesin it up for the camera lately. The second we get the camera out he starts smiling like he knows that is what he is suppose to do. It's pretty cute!
I'll post pics soon!

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Holly said...

I am so glad Jordan was able to come home! I bet you had a great first Xmas with Hunter! Merry Christmas!