Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hunter and his girls

Last week we went on a last minute trip to Kansas city so Jordan could hunt and we could meet little Kaitlyn (3 weeks old) before Robbie and Amber moved to Dallas. We had a blast hanging out for 4 days and snapped some pics of the kiddos but somehow forgot to get one of the adults...I guess that's what happens when you have kids!

Kaitlyn (3 weeks), Emory (7.5 months) and Hunter (9.5 months)
It is so fun to see these guys grow up together. Hunter and Emory are into EVERYTHING and poor little Kaitlyn was just trying to get some shut eye most of the week but these two crazy kids wouldn't leave her alone! It won't be long before all 3 of them are into everything and the age gap will no longer even be noticeable.

Robbie and Amber were packin up and relocating to Dallas so we all stayed at Rudy and Patricia's under one roof and it was so fun! But this is the last trip to KC that we will all be together since we live in 3 different cities now. But we have plenty of trips planned in the future so we can all meet up :)

I love this picture...It looks like Emory has an evil plan and Hunter is on to it!
These two kept grabbing at Kaitlyn this is the only picture we got where one of them didn't have their hands going right for her face...so curious!
It snowed while we were there and I got a picture of Hunter's first snow! We left to fly back to Houston right after this picture and when we got off the plane in Houston it was SNOWING!! That NEVER happens!

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Holly said...

How fun!! Your trip & time in KC sounds wonderful. I bet it was great to be there & play with all the kiddos. Hunter & Emory are getting so big!! They are both just so cute. I can't wait to meet Kaitlyn, too. We sure miss all of you guys.