Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Festivities Begin!

Hunter and I ALMOST had to spend Christmas all alone in Houston this year, because he was diagnosed with RSV on Saturday...which is VERY contagious and meant that he needed to be quarantined for a least a week possibly 2! I was soooo bummed because I knew Jordan wouldn't be home for Christmas since he is in Jacksonville and that meant Hunter and I would be all alone :(

I was really sad that I was not going to get to be with family this week and was really starting to question whether or not he really had RSV because his symptoms didn't match up. So, I took him in to get the nasal swab on Monday (test to confirm RSV), and it was NEGATIVE (it was just a cold and ear infection)!! Woohoo, we jumped in the car and immediately drove to Dallas after I quickly packed up the car with presents and threw a suitcase together.

But in the 48 hours that I thought we were going to be alone I was really sad that I would miss out on all the Christmas festivities so I made gingerbread cookies and decorated a gingerbread house (we used to do this as kids around Christmas). I got the house decorated but was worn out afterwards so didn't get around to getting the cookies done.

I planned to decorate the cookies later this week seeing as how I was going to be couped up with sickly all week. BUT the next morning we found out we got to go to Dallas!! So the cookies came with us and will be finished with the fam this week.

So, now we are here in Dallas and Jordan called tonight and said he could come home for Christmas!! Woohoo!!! So he will fly home Christmas eve and fly back Christmas night (only 24 hours) but we will take what we can get!!!

So excited now!

We are doing Christmas with my family tomorrow (24th) and Jordan's family on the 25th. Plus I have a few other extended family events and friends to meet up with here in Dallas before we return to Houston Monday.

I will post pictures of the festivities later!

Merry Christmas!

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heather said...

Yay for being home for the holidays! Glad to hear Hunter's ok. And congrats on the Jaguars!

I know it may not work out over Christmas, but if you ever were in town and wanted to get coffee, let me know. It would be fun to catch up, and meet your little guy.

Merry Christmas!