Friday, December 12, 2008

9 month checkup

Hunter finally had his 9 month checkup yesterday. We are 3 weeks late because we have been traveling almost the entire month. He weighed 21 pounds 2 ounces (50%), he was 30 inches tall (90%) and his head was 18 and 5/8 inches (95%). Not much has changed he is still tall and still has a rather large head (I still have not forgotten giving birth to that large head!). He got his first round of flu shots (he gets 2) and he was checked for anemia which he was clear. The pedi was pleased with his overall development and predicted he would take his first independent steps in the next month...we shall see though because he sure loves crawling! She said to begin the transition to whole milk in the next 2 months...I can't believe its so soon! He is already on sippy cups full time now so he is completely weaned off the bottle.

This has been a tough month for the little guy. He got sick for the first time just 2 days after I switched him over to formula from breastmilk :( He spent 3 weeks battling the little bug and it finally cleared up right as he finished taking his antibiotics. He started off with a cold which turned into a sinus infection and croup. We actually took him to the ER one night when we were in Dallas because he was having difficulty breathing and he was panicking. It was a LONG night in the ER (we only went to the ER because the minor emergency center wasn't open and we were 250 miles away from his pediatrician.) When we called his pedi they told us to take him to the ER after hearing his breathing through the phone. We spent from 10pm to 7am in the ER and none of us slept except for Hunter off and on. Vivian came with us. He ran a fever for 2 out of the 3 weeks and had vomitting and diarrhea for about a week so we were concerned about dehydration. He got his first IV and 3 bags of fluids and they ran multiple blood tests and a chest x-ray to rule out RSV, Pnuemonia, Influenza, Bronchitis and a whole host of other things. His blood came back with elevated white blood cell count and slight dehydration (which was nothing we didn't already know). But the knowledge that he didn't have something more serious made us feel so much better especially since we were out of town for so long and unable to take him to see his pediatrician.

It was a miserable few weeks though. Poor thing couldn't breathe and the only way he could sleep was at an incline either on my chest (with me reclined) or in the carseat driving around. I spent multiple nights driving him around at 2, 3 and 4 am utill he fell asleep and then I curled up in the drivers seat until he woke an hour or two and we had to start all over again. He couldn't hold any formula down for about a week because he would start a coughing fit and lose it all! So he survived on pediatlyte and very little food for about a week he lost almost 2 pounds through the sickness...poor guy :( It was very hard to see him feeling so bad.

So now he feels much better and is taking 12 ounces at a time!!! He is making up for lost time I guess. His pediatrician checked his blood yesterday and said his white blood cell count was still elevated either from his previous sickness or a new bug he has caught....oh joy! Next checkup is when he is a year old :0

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BrookeMahan said...

Oh poor lil guy!!! I am so glad he is feeling better. It sounds like it has been a rough month for all of you! Get some rest!