Friday, December 19, 2008

10 months old!

It feels like I just wrote his 9 month post! Now he is already 10 months! With each age comes new challenges and exciting milestones and there is just never a dull moment, I love it!

Hunter is 22 pounds 2 ounces and 30 inches long. He still has 5 teeth. He wears size 4 diapers and 12-18 month clothes.

He sleeps 12 hours a night (7pm-7am), except for this month for some reason his body must be extremely efficient because he poops at least once sometimes TWICE a night now so we have to change him in the middle of the night but he goes right back to sleep until he is woken in the morning with another poopy diaper!!! It must be the new diet! He takes 2 (2-3 hour) naps per day. He is weaned off of bottles and now gets only sippy cups and he isn't too particular about the kind! He takes the nuby soft spout ones and the nuby straw ones for the most part, but will drink out of anything we give him!!! Woohoo for learning from a straw (this is a recent developement).

Highlights of month 9:

He is still cruising along furniture or anything else he can grab on to

He walks behind his walk along toys

Stands alone after pulling up

Can return to sit gracefully after standing

Can sit in a squat to play with toys

Still walks assisted with mom and dad but needs less assistance everyday


He said his "official" first word (meaning he actually knows what he is saying) which was "DOG"

He still says Dada all the time and will mimic the noise ruff which sounds like "fff" when I ask him what noise a dog makes

He understands so much more now. When we talk to him he looks at us as if he understands what we are saying.

He looks at things when we point and he points to things too. We can tell he knows drink, more, bottle, banana, dog, dadda, momma, "come see me", NO!!, and his own name.

He will no longer eat baby food. I mean this kid KNOWS if you are about to give him baby food. He will kung fu your hand if you even attempt getting a spoon of baby food close to his mouth and he will send that spoon flying! (there is so much baby food caked on the wall behind his highchair that I have spent a lot of time scrubbing that wall)

So he is completely on people food now and his favorite is Benihana fried rice with ginger sauce (just like mom and dad)!

He LOVES cheesecake!

His favorite foods right now are bananas, cheerios, fried rice, toast, eggs, waffles (but he wants the whole waffle not cut in pieces), and yogurt.

I can't eat in front of him unless I plan to share because he will start whining the second he sees me eating something he wants.

I love it when he... plays by himself and talks to himself, plays with my face, watches me while I talk, How snuggly he is after naps. How he treats baths like a job and will crawl and splash all over the tub with a real serious look on his face. How excited he gets when he hears the bath water going. I love how he steals everything I eat.

He loves...sharing his food with the dog (against mom and dad's wishes), drinking from a straw, stealing mommy's food, playing with things that aren't toys, eating dog food (yes he managed to get one down the hatchet and apparently thought it was good because the second the door to the laundry room opens he makes a beeline to the dog's food bowl to get more...YUCK!), turning on the water in our bathtub and letting it run through his fingers while I get ready in the mornings, climbing stairs or anything for that matter. He LOVES to rough house and will just giggle and squeal the whole time.

Jordan took a pic of Hunter next to his boot when Hunter was 2 weeks old and then yesterday he took another one...its crazy how much he's grown. He was 7 pounds 19 inches in the first pic and 22.2 pounds and 30 inches in the second!

We are loving every minute of it!

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