Friday, November 7, 2008

Growing up together

More Hunter and Emory pictures from last weekend in Kansas City. I love that these two are literally growing up together. They have seen each almost every month since they were born despite living over 700 miles apart. It's getting more and more fun because they like to play together now and kind of follow each other around crawling all over the place. Next time they see each other will be on our ski trip in will be so much fun!!

Hunter (8.5 months) Emory (6.5 months)
Emory going in for the big one!

What is this look?
He looks so much like Jordan in this picture


Patricia said...

I agree this is so special that they are growing up together!! We miss ya'll!

Amy Mc. said...

I somehow found your blog awhile back. Hunter is getting so big. I love that Halloween picture. We are going to see Dwayne and Vivian this weekend so I am sure we will get an update.
Amy McCown