Wednesday, November 19, 2008

9 months old!

Hunter is 9 months old today!

What happened to that tiny infant I brought home from the hospital? I had three friends deliver this week and one due next week and with all these newborns around it just makes me realize how much has changed these last 9 months. Now we have a miniature person living our house, and he wants to be the boss!

This is definately a time of transition....from baby food to finger food, from bottle to sippy, from 3 naps to 2 naps. The "normal" schedule is being altered everyday as Hunter challenges our structure and tries to let us know what is best for him!! He wants nothing to do with baby food or bottles anymore or drinking anything for that matter so I have gotten creative!! He has his first cold this week, which makes matters worse, after 4 days of eating/drinking a very small amount (10 ounces per day), I finally got him to eat something last night...IN THE BATHTUB! Of course this is only temporary, while he is sick, because he just isn't hungry! But, him not eating/drinking is stressing mommy out, so we do what we have to!

Nana feeding Hunter in the bathtub....the only way to get him to eat his dinner when he is sick :(

Hunter has 5 teeth now, 3 on top, 2 on bottom. He wears size 4 diapers and 12-18 month clothes. We haven't had his 9 month checkup yet so we don't know the stats yet.

He sleeps 12 hours a night (either 6pm-6am or 7pm-7am) and takes 3 (1-1.5 hour naps) or 2 (2 hour naps) per day. He gets 3 bottles with his 3 meals per day (except he gets 2/3 of them in a sippy most days because he is so over bottles). Now that he has 5 teeth we have cut out his bedtime bottle so he gets his teeth brushed after his bath and then just a book before bed.

Highlights for month 8:

Still cruising along furniture
Walks behind his walk along toys...without mom or dad (but does so very slowly and cautiously)
Stands alone after pulling up
Can return to sit gracefully and slowly after standing
Can sit in a squat to play with toys
Still walks assisted with mom and dad but needs less assistance everyday
Climbs up EVERYTHING (he climbed up onto the coffee table the other day when I turned my back for about 5 seconds! (he used some nearby pillows to get up there).
He talks a lot more and is starting to have a few words that he says with certain things like when we ask him to wave bye-bye he ALWAYS says "DA" as he waves
He still says dada all the time and has said momma like 2 times ever...still not happy about that one :(
He waves bye-bye
He gives kisses when asked (big wet sloppy ones)
He will give "a five" if we ask and loves the rocket noise we make when he hits our hand
I can give him a bottle and he will feed himself laying on the floor reclined on the boppy (that is if he is in the mood to drink anything from a bottle that day!)
He cries when we take toys away from him, when we walk out of the room or if we do something he doesn't want.
He knows dog, bottle, drink, more, mommy, daddy, Hunter, give me a five, clap, bye-bye and NO!!
He actually responds now when we say NO!
He still cries when I sneeze (it gets him every time)
After dinner we put him on the floor and he crawls all the way upstairs and into his bathroom and straight to his bathtub for his bath which he still LOVES!!

Snuggling with Aunt Rebekah after a nap
I love it when he... plays by himself and talks to himself, reaches out for me, plays with my hair, watches me when I talk. Crawls over to me and pulls up on my leg and sticks his arms out for me to pick him up and hold him. How snuggly he is before and after naps. I love how he is constantly banging things with his hands and he LOVES waving bye-bye even 5 minutes after you ask him to.....he is still waving. How he squeals with delight when we turn the bath water on or when we let him roam "freely" throughout the house.

He loves...being OUTSIDE!!! playing with other babies but mostly kids that are older than him, he will reach out and try to touch their faces and he will reach out and take their toys away but gets mad when they take it back. He loves all dogs and wants to chase after them and pet them. He loves watching his own hands as he waves bye-bye.

Cousins hanging out in Nana's pillow filled bathtub on the porch

Here is a video of Hunter giving "a five" and waving "bye-bye" they look strangely similar



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