Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cruising along

Well...Hunter is officially taking his first steps towards walking. He started cruising along the couch. The first time he tried he took about 4 steps in a row. It was pretty cute, he was wobbly but wanted to give it a go anyway. It has been a rough couple of days for him, he is cutting his 2 front teeth! One is completely thru and the other one has another day or so until its all the way thru. Poor guy has been pretty cranky about it and not eating very well. That brings him up to 4 teeth (2 top and 2 bottom centers), so now he can really bite!

On a different note, we are headed to Dallas this weekend for another post-op appointment for Jordan. His therapy is going great he almost has his full range of motion back and he isn't far from startng the strength phase of rehab. He is also training 5 days a week with Danny Arnold to get ready for this Spring's free agency (well everything but the right arm). It will be interesting to hear what his surgeon has to say about his progress so far and what the future months have in store for him.

All in all things are great!

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