Sunday, October 19, 2008

8 months old

Hunter is 8 months today!

I know I say this every month but man how time flies!! Ok, so I am going to do my usual rundown, bare with me this is for my own I will remember all of this one day. I am making my blog into a hardback book as kind of his baby book/scrapbook so sorry about the extreme detail.

He has 4 teeth (2 top centers and 2 bottom centers). He wears size 4 diapers and 12-18 month clothes.

Highlights for month 7:

He does the conventional forward crawl
He pulls to stand on everything
He cruises along furniture or the wall
He lets go and stands alone for about 5 seconds
He walks assisted with 2 hands sometimes 1 hand
He climbs up the stairs (we are very close behind)
He tries to get to standing alone without holding onto things but can only get to a squat postition, he hasn't gone all the way up yet.

His favorite words are daddy, Grr and Brr. He says daddy ALL the time and will repeat after us but still refuses to say momma (I think its a game because he smiles at me and gives me this look when I ask him to say momma...I think its a control thing the little stinker!)

He has entered the "independent stage". He gets mad if we try to help him hold his bottle/sippy cup or feed him, he wants to do it all by himself. Since he isn't very proficient at feeding himself with a spoon we give him his own spoon at meals and he dips it in the food and puts it in his mouth (with nothing on it of course) but as he opens his mouth for his spoon we sneak our spoon (with food on it) in his mouth. He gets this really big proud smile/look on his face like he is such a big boy. It's pretty cute but it makes mealtime interesting because he gets VERY mad if he realizes that we are helping and will just turn his head and refuse to eat anymore! He started yogurt and meats this month and loves them. For a few days he refused to eat anything but yogurt (he got over that though and is back to a well balanced diet). He also started throwing his spoon and sippy cup when he is done...I am not a fan of this one.

He cries when we take toys away from him, when we walk out of the room or if we do something he doesn't want. He has definite opinions about what he wants but can't yet communicate it so he whines or throws little tantrums until we finally figure out what it is that he wants (after going through a list of things of course), and then he returns to his usual happy little self. He can't communicate but he understands a few words, he knows dog, bottle, drink and more. He cries when I sneeze (it gets him every time) and he hates when I pull a new trash bag out and flap it in the air to get it open...that one scares him too.

I love it when he... reaches out for me, plays with my hair, watches me when I talk, talks to himself when he thinks no one is looking, scrunches his little face up and breathes real fast when he is trying really hard or right before he does a big task. I love how his favorite toy is an empty water bottle or empty bucket. It's so cute how he thinks its the funniest thing ever when daddy spits (I know it sounds pretty redneck but Hunter thinks its hilarious). I love how he screams if I don't give him my undivided attention (I am sure this will get old but for now it's cute). I love his little teeth when he smiles, he has a cute little gap between his two front teeth that are just coming in and when he smiles his little teeth show through.

He loves...playing with other babies, he will reach out and try to touch their faces. He loves touching all faces specifically noses, lips and hair. He always plays with my hair while I feed him a bottle he kind of twirls it around his hand (I love that). He still loves everyone he meets, he hasn't met a stranger yet. KC, our dog, is still rather high on his list but she has taken a back seat to the computer, he loves to type on the computer and loves close the lid on the laptop especially while I am typing, as if to say "hey pay attention to me mom!!". He loves to scream at the top of his lungs. He loves going to the park and swinging. He loves biting...I do not enjoy this as he drew blood on my arm the other day...little vampire. I had to firmly tell him which he responded by laughing (I don't think he quite understood-HA!). He loves reaching for electrical outlets and trying to chew on electrical cords (he is sooo his father's son).

Since the grandparents are probably the only ones who have actually gotten this far into the post...he LOVES his Grandparents and knows who they are, he gets really excited and reaches for them when we go see them.

All I can say is the last 8 months have been the best times of our lives and I can only imagine how much more fun we will have in the future! We love our little "scooter" (as Jordan calls him), our little "cutie patootie" (as I call him)...I wonder which nickname will be more socially acceptable?

Here is kind of a goofy video Jordan did of Hunter the other day...can you tell he has too much time on his hands?


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cruising along

Well...Hunter is officially taking his first steps towards walking. He started cruising along the couch. The first time he tried he took about 4 steps in a row. It was pretty cute, he was wobbly but wanted to give it a go anyway. It has been a rough couple of days for him, he is cutting his 2 front teeth! One is completely thru and the other one has another day or so until its all the way thru. Poor guy has been pretty cranky about it and not eating very well. That brings him up to 4 teeth (2 top and 2 bottom centers), so now he can really bite!

On a different note, we are headed to Dallas this weekend for another post-op appointment for Jordan. His therapy is going great he almost has his full range of motion back and he isn't far from startng the strength phase of rehab. He is also training 5 days a week with Danny Arnold to get ready for this Spring's free agency (well everything but the right arm). It will be interesting to hear what his surgeon has to say about his progress so far and what the future months have in store for him.

All in all things are great!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Friday, October 3, 2008

Welcome to the club

I knew the day would come that I would have to take my son outside and hose him down...didn't really expect it to be today.

To all you veteran mom's who have "Been there, Done that", well kudos to you. I will now join you in your elite club and we can all say remember when!

The word is BLOWOUT! I mean up to the hairline in the back on his head, across his entire back, shoulder blade to shoulder blade, filled a stage 4 diaper and then some kind of BLOWOUT. How does this happen? Is this even possible? YES it is.

My only option, once I discovered the damage that had been done to him and his adorable new outfit he was wearing for the first time, was to take him in the backyard and hose him down. He thought it was a game and laughed the whole time as I attempted to keep my composure and my breakfast down.

Now about the was a onesie and had to go over his head. Hindsight is 20/20... I should have just cut it off him with scissors....but instead it went over the head only spreading the mess even further...oh the mess I just cleaned up...I wish it upon no one!! And to all the mom's who have been before me and those after, this is no easy job!

On a brighter note, after discovering the diaper and putting him down for a nap, I did my daily round in the blog world and discovered that my hubby wrote a really sweet blog in the middle of the night last night called Pride and Humility. He doesn't usually write on his blog...its all about random things and pictures, but I guess he had a "moment" last night. The best part is I just discovered it! That kinda makes me forget about the experience with the BLOWOUT.

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures of Hunter to update you with. We seemed to have misplaced the USB cord for our camera, we are sure it will show up any time now. Our video camera is out of battery and we left the power cord in is being mailed to us now. Otherwise, I would have posted a video of all that Hunter has been doing the past few weeks.

He crawls in the true conventional way now....he's technically been mobile since he was 6 months old when he figured he could do a combination of scoot, roll, sit pivot...sit pivot....sit pivot, army crawl, scoot, roll, sit pivot....sit pivot....sit pivot, army crawl until he got where he wanted to be. But I guess he decided to give the old conventional way a try now. He only does the conventional crawl when he needs to be somewhere fast, his destination is almost always a couch or leg that he can pull up on because he would much rather be standing than anything. I usually find him standing in his crib when he wakes from naps or when I put him down for a nap and he decides its play time. The problem with that is mom isn't there in the crib to help him get down from standing so he goes down hard and cries for a minute because it scares him...making that nap just a little harder to accomplish. He also tries to stand up without holding on to anything. He will be in the middle of the room with nothing around him and he just gets up on one knee and one foot and uses his arms on the floor to try to stand. I know he will figure out soon that its much easier to stand on his own if he will first pull up on something and then just let go, but he is just bound and determined to get up alone I guess.

Hopefully I can capture some good footage for you when we get the power cord or camera cord! To those interested, we are back in Houston now and Hunter is back on his sleep schedule...our sanity returns!