Monday, September 15, 2008


Well we officially rode out our first and hopefully last hurricane. 

Friday night at 6:00pm we lost power (hours before the storm actually got bad). The bad part of the storm was due to hit around 2:00 am. It started getting pretty windy at around 7:00pm and was very eery feeling outside. By the time the sun set it was too windy to go outside. 

We laid in the hallway upstairs all night because it was the only place in the house that was near the center away from all windows. Sleeping during this storm wasn't really an option, unless you are my brother. He evacuated to our house from Galveston because he lives on Seawall (we are pretty sure his apartment is either  under water or blown away). I guess he was feeling pretty safe at our house compared to how it would have been had he stayed in Galveston because he fell asleep before the storm and woke up after it! Jordan, Hunter and I laid in the pitch black for hours (Hunter slept...mostly, but he defintely knew something was going on) as we listened to the wind ripping in to the sides of our house and heard trees snapping and falling all around us. It felt like at any moment we would either be blown away or hit by a flying tree. It sounded the way I would imagine it would sound if I were laying on a runway at the airport as a jet landed over me at the same time a freight train passed by going 110mph. It was a pretty intense few hours and it left a good deal of damage to those around us, but left us completely untouched except for half a tree in our front yard. 

We were without power for a total of 3 days but decided after 2 days to head up to Dallas because we weren't sure how long it would be and we were getting pretty hot and running low on food! The city is completely shut down as of yesterday, they are working on restoring power now. Our power was restored this afternoon, so we will be heading back in the next few days. We aren't in a hurry because the gas stations, grocery stores etc. are still mostly closed and the ones that are open have no food or gas! We were beginning to run out of non-parishables when we left and of course we lost all the 15 frozen meals I had made in my deep freezer plus the worst part........MY 6 GALLONS of frozen "liquid gold" that I worked so hard to pump and save for's all gone (tear). 

But nevertheless we can only thank God that we survived without a scratch and we can say we were there for IKE...and he is definitely one for the record books! 

To see pics and videos check out Jordan's post of Hurricane Ike  on his "Realrandumb" blog. Disclaimer: If you haven't seen his blog before and you don't know him very may seem very strange to you, he isn't what you would call normal! But it's pretty funny for those of us who get his humor!

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Bethany said...

Thanks for an update, I'm glad you guys and your home are okay! I was keeping you in my prayers when I heard the storm was going to hit Houston hard. Thank God for keeping you all safe!