Sunday, September 21, 2008

And Mom of the Year Award goes to...

Well, not me.

After many sleepless nights from Hunter lately, I am beginning to remember the oh so wonderfulness of having a newborn whose days and nights are mixed up. Call it teething, traveling, loneliness, confusion, boredom call it what you may but this kid is wearing us down in the sleep department. I will give him some slack because he has been in a different bed, different city and different location pretty much all month so far, but the waking up every 2 hours and staying up from 1-3 or 2-4:30am has GOT TO GO! Letting him lay there and cry himself to sleep isn't the best option when we are staying in someone else's house because when he cries we are ALL awake, and some people (who are gracious enough to let us stay here for a week) have to go to work and function the next we get up with him (which only feeds the problem) and try to get him to go back to sleep as quietly as possible. 

We are still in Dallas from the hurricane and this usually happens when we travel, as if traveling isn't tiring enough! He usually gets back to his old self as soon as he hits his head on his own bed, but for now we are TIRED!

Maybe he is a chip off the old block (like his dad) and thinks night time is play time...who needs sleep anyway? "Hey the Apple doesn't ROT far from the tree"!

Ok but in all seriousness the award goes to Papa Dwayne! 

Last night after Jordan and I got up to "hang out" with Hunter once again for the 7th night in a row from 2-4 am all cross eyed and lethargic, Dwayne came in at 4am and took him off our hands to let us get some sleep. They got some Papa/Hunter time and Jordan and I got some much needed sleep until I had to wake up at 6:00am this morning. I'm not sure how much longer Hunter kept Papa awake but when I woke at 6:00 I looked over at the monitor,  to find Hunter fast asleep. I guess Papa Dwayne has the magic touch!

P.s. Vivi offered every night this week before we went to bed to take care of Hunter for us in the night or to let him sleep with her so we can have a night off. I declined each time because she has to go to WORK the next day! At least if I am tired I can take a nap while he she gets the award too!


Zach and Carey said...

Hey thanks for leaving me a comment! Hunter is so cute, i hope you guys get some sleep soon.

Adrianne said...

I see you are experiencing the same "middle of the night" bonding with your little guy ;) I understand exactly what you are going thru! Your consideration for others wins you a "Daughter of the Year" award for sure!!

BrookeMahan said...

Seeing as how I am currently going through being sleep deprived with a newborn I totally feel for you. Hopefully little Hunter will get back on track when you get home.