Friday, September 19, 2008

7 Months Old

Hunter is 7 months today! I know I say this every month but man how time flies!! Ok, so I am going to do my usual rundown, bare with me this is for my own I will remember all of this one day.

He is 20 pounds 28 inches long and has 2 teeth (bottom centers). He wears size 4 diapers and 12 month clothes.

Highlights for month 6:

He said "Dada" today...he actually repeated after me (and I was hoping mama would be his first word).

He can go to sit from his stomach (although our favorite thing he does try to sit up from his back, he does a mini crunch along with a very serious and focused look on his face....ahh its priceless).

He crawls (backwards) and gets stuck under furniture, I seriously think this kid will skip normal crawling all together because he would so much rather be walking or standing at all times.

He officially has his "pincer grasp" (finger and thumb) and can feed himself finger foods (mostly gerber puffs and cheerios).

He feeds himself with his right hand (so maybe he will be right-handed).

He has been through all stage 2 foods and has started table foods.

Feeding him a bottle has become increasingly more difficult, its like pulling teeth to get him to take bottles we just put his milk in a sippy cup a lot of times just to make sure he is getting enough fluids.

I love it when he... reaches out for me, plays with my hair, watches me when I talk, talks to himself when he thinks no one is looking, watching him look at himself in the mirror (he is by far his favorite person to see!), how he treats the jumper like a job (instead of fun) he gets really serious about it and will use anyone who is willing to hold him as his own personal jumper. He always wakes up smiling and he loves to snuggle for a few minutes after waking up. I love how he "self soothes" to sleep by scratching or rubbing his lovie or anything with an interesting texture. I love how he buries his face and smiles like he is shy when he gets a smile from someone.

He loves...everyone he meets (he is so social and loves eye contact and smiling at people), KC our dog (she doesn't reciprocate...she tolerates). He LOVES being scratched, it calms him down especially right before a nap. He loves baths, lotion massages and being tickled. Sweet potatoes and squash are his favorite foods. He loves "peek-a-boo" and being sung to (his favorite is "My buddy" a commercial that was on back in the 80's that I added phrases to and sing to him all the time), being outside, putting his feet in his mouth, sucking on ice, the sound of his own voice, looking at himself in the mirror (this is the fastest way to get him to stop crying) and having his fingernails clipped (he gets really still and watches my every move). He loves to watch Praise Baby in the mornings after breakfast and last of all this boy LOVES JUMPING!


Becky said...

Well said. That is Hunter in a nut shell! He is a precious, precious baby...I'm sure everyone thinks so, not just his Nana!

Becky said...

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Jordashblack said...

I just updated my blogroll with your new URL...its nice to have you back in the blog world mom. We've missed you.

BrookeMahan said...

You are such a great are my inspiration. I need to take notes from you so I can be sure and document everything on our blog as Owen grows.