Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Perfect Timing

Jordan had surgery yesterday. It went really well. His surgeon came to talk to me afterwards and emphasized how badly he needed the surgery and was able to comfirm that his labral tears were fresh injuries and that he was able to repair them arthroscopically. Jordan should be as good as new in 6 months or so. Jordan is feeling good, pretty sore and restless, but overall he is doing well and hasn't lost his sense of humor even though he is pretty uncomfortable. On our way home from surgery yesterday (about 2 hours after he woke up) he turned to me and said "Ash, I think I am at about 87% right now physically, you know my body is a machine." Then he told me he also went ahead and refused the anesthesia for surgery and just "took the pain". He was joking of course and I question whether or not it was the vicodin talking or just Jordan being his normal sarcastic/strange self. I must say he is great about keeping a sense of humor even during tough times.
Jordan just before surgery
Jordan has to sleep in a recliner for the first few weeks. We brought my "bedrest chair" to Dallas with us so he would have a good recliner with back support to sleep in.As if yesterday wasn't eventful enough, Hunter is sick for the first time. None of us are sleeping very well right now. Jordan is having a hard time getting comfortable and is taking his meds around the clock and I am up with Hunter giving him Tylenol around the clock and he is extra cuddly right now wanting to be held all the time...which makes sleeping a little more difficult. So, I am nursing both of my babies back to health right now, with the help of Jordan's parents. We are staying with them for the week until Jordan feels up to making the drive back home.

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BrookeMahan said...

So glad to hear that Jordan's surgery went well. I was thinking about you guys that day until I went into labor that afternoon! Ha! I will have to share this post with Sean he will get a good kick out of Jordan's comments! Ha! At least his sense of humor has remained in tact through all of this :) . Take care.