Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Some LONG overdue nursery pics (be prepared for lots of pictures). It's been 6 months and I am finally getting around to finishing the nursery and posting pics.

Door wreath was made by his Nana (my mom) she hung it on our hospital door the day he was born.

Cutie patootie standing in his crib lookin at his momma (no he doesn't get into this position on his own....he just wouldn't sit down!)Quilt Nana made for Hunter with all of his "stats" Drawing Jordan did of Hunter the day he was born (this was the first picture I had holding Hunter) Playing in my crib watching my nutty mamma take pictures of my room
Hey mom look at me!
Hunter was sitting on my lap while I was uploading these pictures and he was not content to be sitting so I let him stand in front of me holding on the ottoman and he kept trying to type on the computer...he was standing there holding on to the ottoman for about 5 minutes occassionally only holding on with one hand...his pediatrician told us the other day that he would be an early walker...hopfully he will learn to crawl before he learns to walk...but that would require him to be in a position other than standing!
teething on the computer

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Sarah W. said...

I love the nursery!!! Blue and brown are so cute! I love it :)