Thursday, August 21, 2008

Babies babies and more babies

This past weekend I helped host my best friend Amber's baby shower in Kansas city. I just love how we have entered the time of our lives where it seems like one of our friends is either pregnant or just had a baby at any given time. It is just so fun and one of the best parts is having another excuse to go see all our friends in Kansas city. It was a great shower and she had such a great turnout. She got lots of gifts to get her started for when baby Kaitlyn comes home in November. Here are some highlights from our trip.

Family Picture (Hunter 6 months)

Amber (pregnant with Kaitlyn) and me

Hunter (the only boy at the shower) and me
Me and Patricia

Emory(4 mo) and Hunter(6mo) making eyes at each other

Unfortunately, most of the babies that were at the shower ended up getting sick this week (with the same thing). It appears as though they all contracted it at the shower...
After 3 days of feeling pretty crappy, Hunter seems to be back to his normal self today!!

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