Tuesday, August 12, 2008

6 months old

It has been a busy summer mostly filled with traveling. Hunter has been on 17 flights so far and has done exceptionally well on ALL but one...he screamed (not cried) most of the time on flight number 15 because he missed his nap and was too tired to go to sleep. A really nice couple still complimented his "good" behavior after we landed (they must have had earplugs in). On all the other 16 flights he has been PERFECT! Surprisingly, despite all the traveling he has done, he is on a very good schedule and is very adaptable. We have had lots of fun and have a few more stops to make before we settle down at home for a while. Jordan is having surgery next week on Hunter's six month birthday so I am doing this post a week early.

Hunter has been enjoying the world of solids and has a great little routine that he throroughly enjoys. He gets up and has hearty breakfast of fruit and cereal every morning at 7:30, followed by a veggie and more cereal for lunch at noon. He has gone through all the fruits (his favs are applesauce and pears) with some hilarious facial expressions (especially on peaches...he's not a fan), and has really enjoyed sweet potatoes, more veggies soon to follow.

Watching daddy eat

Chillin in my highchair

He has mastered the art of drinking out of a sippy cup and actually caught on really fast. He has even tried a few drinks out of a regular cup...that one is a little messy. It's pretty funny though, he isn't sure how to get the fluid in his mouth from a regular cup so everytime he tries he sticks his tongue down the cup and laps it up like a dog initially until he realizes it is suppose to pour in his mouth.

He recently has been talking a lot more, although he has always been a pretty big talker. He has, on occasion, accidently said da and ma, but it is usually when he is fussy and I am pretty sure those were just the noises that came out.

He is sooooo close to reaching out to us. He wants to so bad you can tell. He leans with his head and kind of raises his arms (so to make room for our hands to go under his armpits) but he has yet to actually reach in our direction with his hands. He does reach for his bottle, sippy cup and tries to help with feeding from a spoon, and he can hold his own bottle...Mr. independent.

He is very good at sitting up alone and will play with toys in both hands for a good amount of time while sitting up until his head gets going too far in one direction and he can't recover so he topples over. He loves wrestling and crawling all over Jordan, he is getting so strong. Jordan is really enjoying him a lot lately especially now that they can play and wrestle more.

He pulls to stand on EVERTHING he hasn't done it from the floor yet but if he is on your lap he will just throw his feet over to the couch and stand up! He wants to be standing or jumping at ALL TIMES! He is a very sturdy stander as long as he has a finger or two (or a couch) to hold on to.

This boy CRAVES attention, when you look at him he just grins so big and turns away and hides his face like he is so excited he can't stand it...it makes him look shy but he defintely isn't, he is a big flirt and will happily give a big goofy grin to any person he passes, although his favorite person to look at is himself in the mirror.

He LOVES the jumper! I think he would happily stay in there all day if he could. I often put him in there when I need to get something done, like cook dinner, but it is very important that he can SEE US. He needs to know that we are looking at him and seeing him jump every so often or he gets mad. He will start yelling out (kinda like "hey look at me") all we have to do is say "I see you" and he gets this big grin and gets over it pretty quick.

This age is great because he is easliy distractable and easy to read. If he gets fussy you can always distract him by doing something he loves like, peek-a-boo or wrestling. It is very easy to put him down for naps or bedtime. As long as we time it right and don't wait until he is fussy (overtired) he goes right to sleep on his own. He has to have Lovie over his face (we monitor him closely don't worry and once he asleep we take it off his face), but he will be awake and smiling and playing but showing signs of tiredness and all we have to do is give him a pacifier and put Lovie over his face and it just paralyzes him and he is out in 2 seconds...before we can even get out of his room.

Ahh the life! Napping on Nana (Lovie in place)

Papa and Vivi (they aren't proud!)It doesn't get much better than this

I must say with each month it just gets more and more fun! We are loving every minute!


Alison said...

WOW! He he growing up so fast!! I hope I will get to meet him soon. He sounds like he has a ton of personality :-)

BrookeMahan said...

I cannot believe that Hunter is already 6 months old!!! Where does the time go? He is so cute...our little guy will be here on the
29th or sooner!!! Keep us in your prayers for a healthy delivery and baby. Please keep us posted on Jordan's surgery...we will be praying that all goes well.

Take care.