Thursday, August 28, 2008

6 month checkup

In posting Hunter's 6 month update a week early I missed some pretty big milestones that happened in that week. So here goes. I will start with his stats 18 pounds 4 ounces (70%), 27.7 inches long (90%), Head 18" (95%!!)....not surprised there. So, he is taller than he is heavier now, which is a first, but his activity level has DRAMATICALLY increased over the past month. He is in perpetual motion and burning a lot more calories now than he was before, yet he is still eating the same amount. He did not get his shots today because they ran out of them, so we have to go back next week for that.

This past week he started reaching out for us and I mean FULL BODY reach!! Ah that is just the best thing! I love to come get him from his crib when he wakes up. I just come in and look over into the crib and see him smiling and reaching with both arms for me. He even reaches for other people he knows like grandparents, aunts and friends and the a new thing is he reaches for the dog (KC). I mean KC is just the coolest thing to him. He watches her constantly and if she close enough he reaches out to pet her. We have to be careful though because we aren't really sure if we completely trust KC not to snap at him. So far she tolerates it but occassionally he will get a good grab on her skin and KC gets kind of freaked out and scared. KC still likes to pretend he isn't there though, its pretty funny. She won't look at him or acknowledge him even though he is ALL about her!

Eating time has become more fun because he tries to help me pull the spoon in his mouth and he grabs the sippy cup with both hands and brings it to his mouth. He grabs at any and everything in reach. If I am holding it he wants it. If we walk by something and get close enough for him to touch it he grabs it and pulls it along. It has definately made me become more aware of my surroundings! It has also become more challenging to do his feedings in the bumbo because he turns completely around and reaches grabs all over the place and arches his back making me very nervous about whether or not he is going to climb out of it. But, for now, we are sticking with it because its easier to clean than the highchair. He has made it through all the stage 1 foods and we have been given the go ahead to start stage 2!

He also started baths in the big tub!! We got a big blow up duck (thats a bath tub) that he sits in inside the big bath tub and he LOVES it because he can sit up for baths now and play with bath toys. I let him linger in the tub a little longer now because he just splashes around and throws toys and has a great time.

He also got 2 TOOFERS!!!!! Yesterday, I checked his gums (as I do everyday) and to my surprise 2 teeth were poking thru.... both of his bottom teeth (although the left seems to be a little higher than the right).

He is so wanting to crawl, he is trying to figure it out, and I know it won't be long before he takes off. He is becoming quite a handful, no longer content to sit still he wants to be crawling, climbing, standing, jumping, rolling, whatever he can do to be in motion! He wants to be sitting up all the time. His protective reflexes are finally in full force and he can sit unsupported for long periods of time and if he starts to fall he catches himself.

Sitting in the rocker at Viv and Papa's watching outside (he loved this!) Big boy bath
Watching KC (getting ready to grab her)
Once again reaching for KC (notice KC pretending not to see him...she looks nervous and she is watching him out of the corner of her eye)
And again (KC takes a peak this time)

So I mentioned he is grabbing for everything now. I had him sitting up on the table today at the doctor's office and I set down my huge 32 ounce water (with a lid) next to him while I got something out of the diaper bag. 2 seconds after put my water down he grabbed my water and somehow the lid popped off and went EVERYWHERE!!! I hadn't even taken a drink yet! After spilling at over himself and the table he then dropped it on the floor, so when the nurse came in there was 32 ounces of water everywhere and me holding Hunter in one hand and trying to use those awful paper towels they have, that don't absorb worth anything, spread all over the table and floor. She laughed as I apologized and explained I am not used to this new stage yet where he is grabbing everything away from me. I am learning though!

At the Doctor's office (before he dumped my water everywhere)


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I need a new post!!! I have nothing to look at when I'm pumping!! HA!HA!


brianandlauren said...

Love it!! Can't wait to see you guys soon! We get Hunter withdrawl when it's been too long!