Thursday, August 28, 2008

6 month checkup

In posting Hunter's 6 month update a week early I missed some pretty big milestones that happened in that week. So here goes. I will start with his stats 18 pounds 4 ounces (70%), 27.7 inches long (90%), Head 18" (95%!!)....not surprised there. So, he is taller than he is heavier now, which is a first, but his activity level has DRAMATICALLY increased over the past month. He is in perpetual motion and burning a lot more calories now than he was before, yet he is still eating the same amount. He did not get his shots today because they ran out of them, so we have to go back next week for that.

This past week he started reaching out for us and I mean FULL BODY reach!! Ah that is just the best thing! I love to come get him from his crib when he wakes up. I just come in and look over into the crib and see him smiling and reaching with both arms for me. He even reaches for other people he knows like grandparents, aunts and friends and the a new thing is he reaches for the dog (KC). I mean KC is just the coolest thing to him. He watches her constantly and if she close enough he reaches out to pet her. We have to be careful though because we aren't really sure if we completely trust KC not to snap at him. So far she tolerates it but occassionally he will get a good grab on her skin and KC gets kind of freaked out and scared. KC still likes to pretend he isn't there though, its pretty funny. She won't look at him or acknowledge him even though he is ALL about her!

Eating time has become more fun because he tries to help me pull the spoon in his mouth and he grabs the sippy cup with both hands and brings it to his mouth. He grabs at any and everything in reach. If I am holding it he wants it. If we walk by something and get close enough for him to touch it he grabs it and pulls it along. It has definately made me become more aware of my surroundings! It has also become more challenging to do his feedings in the bumbo because he turns completely around and reaches grabs all over the place and arches his back making me very nervous about whether or not he is going to climb out of it. But, for now, we are sticking with it because its easier to clean than the highchair. He has made it through all the stage 1 foods and we have been given the go ahead to start stage 2!

He also started baths in the big tub!! We got a big blow up duck (thats a bath tub) that he sits in inside the big bath tub and he LOVES it because he can sit up for baths now and play with bath toys. I let him linger in the tub a little longer now because he just splashes around and throws toys and has a great time.

He also got 2 TOOFERS!!!!! Yesterday, I checked his gums (as I do everyday) and to my surprise 2 teeth were poking thru.... both of his bottom teeth (although the left seems to be a little higher than the right).

He is so wanting to crawl, he is trying to figure it out, and I know it won't be long before he takes off. He is becoming quite a handful, no longer content to sit still he wants to be crawling, climbing, standing, jumping, rolling, whatever he can do to be in motion! He wants to be sitting up all the time. His protective reflexes are finally in full force and he can sit unsupported for long periods of time and if he starts to fall he catches himself.

Sitting in the rocker at Viv and Papa's watching outside (he loved this!) Big boy bath
Watching KC (getting ready to grab her)
Once again reaching for KC (notice KC pretending not to see him...she looks nervous and she is watching him out of the corner of her eye)
And again (KC takes a peak this time)

So I mentioned he is grabbing for everything now. I had him sitting up on the table today at the doctor's office and I set down my huge 32 ounce water (with a lid) next to him while I got something out of the diaper bag. 2 seconds after put my water down he grabbed my water and somehow the lid popped off and went EVERYWHERE!!! I hadn't even taken a drink yet! After spilling at over himself and the table he then dropped it on the floor, so when the nurse came in there was 32 ounces of water everywhere and me holding Hunter in one hand and trying to use those awful paper towels they have, that don't absorb worth anything, spread all over the table and floor. She laughed as I apologized and explained I am not used to this new stage yet where he is grabbing everything away from me. I am learning though!

At the Doctor's office (before he dumped my water everywhere)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Too early

Hunter usually wakes up at 7:12am like clockwork (although the traveling puts a kink on his schedule) so I was surprised when I heard him playing in his crib at 5:45 am yesterday morning. I let him play (and me sleep) till 6:15am when I finally crawled up the stairs, eyes closed, to get him. We had breakfast and started his morning playtime only to find that SOMEONE woke up too early and was too tired to play. I was watching him in the jumper as I was "making" his next meal and although it appeared he was jumping and having a grand ole time as I looked closer I realized he was actually asleep...but still jumping and yelling out occassionally. I managed to get a few seconds on camera before he saw me and woke up. He then went down for a 2 hour nap (its sad when your first nap of the day STARTS at 6:45am).


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Babies babies and more babies

This past weekend I helped host my best friend Amber's baby shower in Kansas city. I just love how we have entered the time of our lives where it seems like one of our friends is either pregnant or just had a baby at any given time. It is just so fun and one of the best parts is having another excuse to go see all our friends in Kansas city. It was a great shower and she had such a great turnout. She got lots of gifts to get her started for when baby Kaitlyn comes home in November. Here are some highlights from our trip.

Family Picture (Hunter 6 months)

Amber (pregnant with Kaitlyn) and me

Hunter (the only boy at the shower) and me
Me and Patricia

Emory(4 mo) and Hunter(6mo) making eyes at each other

Unfortunately, most of the babies that were at the shower ended up getting sick this week (with the same thing). It appears as though they all contracted it at the shower...
After 3 days of feeling pretty crappy, Hunter seems to be back to his normal self today!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Perfect Timing

Jordan had surgery yesterday. It went really well. His surgeon came to talk to me afterwards and emphasized how badly he needed the surgery and was able to comfirm that his labral tears were fresh injuries and that he was able to repair them arthroscopically. Jordan should be as good as new in 6 months or so. Jordan is feeling good, pretty sore and restless, but overall he is doing well and hasn't lost his sense of humor even though he is pretty uncomfortable. On our way home from surgery yesterday (about 2 hours after he woke up) he turned to me and said "Ash, I think I am at about 87% right now physically, you know my body is a machine." Then he told me he also went ahead and refused the anesthesia for surgery and just "took the pain". He was joking of course and I question whether or not it was the vicodin talking or just Jordan being his normal sarcastic/strange self. I must say he is great about keeping a sense of humor even during tough times.
Jordan just before surgery
Jordan has to sleep in a recliner for the first few weeks. We brought my "bedrest chair" to Dallas with us so he would have a good recliner with back support to sleep in.As if yesterday wasn't eventful enough, Hunter is sick for the first time. None of us are sleeping very well right now. Jordan is having a hard time getting comfortable and is taking his meds around the clock and I am up with Hunter giving him Tylenol around the clock and he is extra cuddly right now wanting to be held all the time...which makes sleeping a little more difficult. So, I am nursing both of my babies back to health right now, with the help of Jordan's parents. We are staying with them for the week until Jordan feels up to making the drive back home.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bathtime Giggles

Hunter is ticklish on the back of his calves! We discovered this while giving him a lotion massage before bed the other night...too cute.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Some LONG overdue nursery pics (be prepared for lots of pictures). It's been 6 months and I am finally getting around to finishing the nursery and posting pics.

Door wreath was made by his Nana (my mom) she hung it on our hospital door the day he was born.

Cutie patootie standing in his crib lookin at his momma (no he doesn't get into this position on his own....he just wouldn't sit down!)Quilt Nana made for Hunter with all of his "stats" Drawing Jordan did of Hunter the day he was born (this was the first picture I had holding Hunter) Playing in my crib watching my nutty mamma take pictures of my room
Hey mom look at me!
Hunter was sitting on my lap while I was uploading these pictures and he was not content to be sitting so I let him stand in front of me holding on the ottoman and he kept trying to type on the computer...he was standing there holding on to the ottoman for about 5 minutes occassionally only holding on with one hand...his pediatrician told us the other day that he would be an early walker...hopfully he will learn to crawl before he learns to walk...but that would require him to be in a position other than standing!
teething on the computer

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Hunter and I took a trip to Nashville last week to see my college roomates and my cousin. While we were jet setting Jordan took a tour of Texas in search of the perfect piece of Hunting property to purchase. He found some pretty great properties and Hunter and I had a pretty great time in Nashville, with only one little snag on the way back...Jordan had a blowout on his way home and Hunter and I had to sit on the runway in Nashville for 2.5 hours before taking off on our way home. But we all made it home in one piece and Hunter once again proved to be an excellent traveler.

Hunter and Jenny
Amy, Christine, and Sara
Phillip and Matt

6 months old

It has been a busy summer mostly filled with traveling. Hunter has been on 17 flights so far and has done exceptionally well on ALL but one...he screamed (not cried) most of the time on flight number 15 because he missed his nap and was too tired to go to sleep. A really nice couple still complimented his "good" behavior after we landed (they must have had earplugs in). On all the other 16 flights he has been PERFECT! Surprisingly, despite all the traveling he has done, he is on a very good schedule and is very adaptable. We have had lots of fun and have a few more stops to make before we settle down at home for a while. Jordan is having surgery next week on Hunter's six month birthday so I am doing this post a week early.

Hunter has been enjoying the world of solids and has a great little routine that he throroughly enjoys. He gets up and has hearty breakfast of fruit and cereal every morning at 7:30, followed by a veggie and more cereal for lunch at noon. He has gone through all the fruits (his favs are applesauce and pears) with some hilarious facial expressions (especially on peaches...he's not a fan), and has really enjoyed sweet potatoes, more veggies soon to follow.

Watching daddy eat

Chillin in my highchair

He has mastered the art of drinking out of a sippy cup and actually caught on really fast. He has even tried a few drinks out of a regular cup...that one is a little messy. It's pretty funny though, he isn't sure how to get the fluid in his mouth from a regular cup so everytime he tries he sticks his tongue down the cup and laps it up like a dog initially until he realizes it is suppose to pour in his mouth.

He recently has been talking a lot more, although he has always been a pretty big talker. He has, on occasion, accidently said da and ma, but it is usually when he is fussy and I am pretty sure those were just the noises that came out.

He is sooooo close to reaching out to us. He wants to so bad you can tell. He leans with his head and kind of raises his arms (so to make room for our hands to go under his armpits) but he has yet to actually reach in our direction with his hands. He does reach for his bottle, sippy cup and tries to help with feeding from a spoon, and he can hold his own bottle...Mr. independent.

He is very good at sitting up alone and will play with toys in both hands for a good amount of time while sitting up until his head gets going too far in one direction and he can't recover so he topples over. He loves wrestling and crawling all over Jordan, he is getting so strong. Jordan is really enjoying him a lot lately especially now that they can play and wrestle more.

He pulls to stand on EVERTHING he hasn't done it from the floor yet but if he is on your lap he will just throw his feet over to the couch and stand up! He wants to be standing or jumping at ALL TIMES! He is a very sturdy stander as long as he has a finger or two (or a couch) to hold on to.

This boy CRAVES attention, when you look at him he just grins so big and turns away and hides his face like he is so excited he can't stand makes him look shy but he defintely isn't, he is a big flirt and will happily give a big goofy grin to any person he passes, although his favorite person to look at is himself in the mirror.

He LOVES the jumper! I think he would happily stay in there all day if he could. I often put him in there when I need to get something done, like cook dinner, but it is very important that he can SEE US. He needs to know that we are looking at him and seeing him jump every so often or he gets mad. He will start yelling out (kinda like "hey look at me") all we have to do is say "I see you" and he gets this big grin and gets over it pretty quick.

This age is great because he is easliy distractable and easy to read. If he gets fussy you can always distract him by doing something he loves like, peek-a-boo or wrestling. It is very easy to put him down for naps or bedtime. As long as we time it right and don't wait until he is fussy (overtired) he goes right to sleep on his own. He has to have Lovie over his face (we monitor him closely don't worry and once he asleep we take it off his face), but he will be awake and smiling and playing but showing signs of tiredness and all we have to do is give him a pacifier and put Lovie over his face and it just paralyzes him and he is out in 2 seconds...before we can even get out of his room.

Ahh the life! Napping on Nana (Lovie in place)

Papa and Vivi (they aren't proud!)It doesn't get much better than this

I must say with each month it just gets more and more fun! We are loving every minute!