Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stay at home dad

This Thursday is a day many football players around the league are completely dreading...the start of training camp. This time of year is always a rough time for football families because the husbands have to be separated from their wives and kids for about a month while they go live in college dormatories or hotels. Camp consists of working 16 hour days enduring two-a-days in the HEAT of summer and LONG meetings that span from early morning till late at night... all the while hoping and praying that at the end each day if they will still have a job and a paycheck to take home.

For Jordan this Thursday is a day he is dreading because he is having shoulder reconstruction surgery. Most of you know that he sustained a season ending shoulder injury back in May of this year. He has attempted to rehab it, but has been told by 4 diffrent orthopedic surgeons that surgery is his only option at this point if he wants to continue to play football. Unfortunately, that means no football for him this year...which will be the first time in 17 years that he has not played football during football season.

The situation may seem anything but good, but I am a firm believer that blessings in disguise can always be found! This is the first year that we will get to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with our families! Jordan will get to be around while Hunter gets "mobile" this fall and he will get to be a stay at home dad with me as we raise Hunter together until next Spring when he starts free agency and off season again with another team in another city.

Please pray that his surgery and recovery goes well and for safe travels as we head off to Birmingham, Alabama tomorrow for him to meet his surgeon and go through with the procedure on Thursday.


Sarah W. said...

We will be praying for him!!!! When Brett was hurt for a season, it was the most fun time!!! You will enjoy no training camp, for sure :).

Holly said...

Ahhh, good posts!! We had so much fun at the lake, too, and it made me get teary eyed thinking we are 1 of the couples who are moving cross country and won't be as available anymore :(. We definitely need to make the couples trip a tradition EVERY year!! We prayed for Jordan's surgery last night and will continue to pray that all goes well. Enjoy this extra time with him! We miss you guys!! Hopefully we can get together in TX soon :)!

BrookeMahan said...

Jordan, we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers that your surgery goes well and you have a speedy recovery. Enjoy all this extra time together and with baby Hunter.

Love all your new posts. Hunter is such a cutie and growing so much!!! I love his big blue eyes. the pictures of Hunter rocking out are too funny!!!

Becky said...

Five months old! Seeing him once a month is for the birds! He is changing so much. Jordan, our prayers are with you. We are praying for a successful surgery and complete recovery...and a few prayers for Ash, having two babies to care for:)
We love you!

The Chamblees said...

Hey guys,

Rachel gave me your blog, so good to see you! Jordan you will definitely be in my prayers during your surgery. Hope all else is well with you!