Thursday, July 24, 2008

Injury? What Injury?

Jordan holding Hunter one last time before surgery
(nice TED hose)
Look at my cuties
Make sure you do the right arm doc!
5 minutes before surgery begins... IV only took one try, so far so good!!!
Doc comes in to say "I will see you in a bit!!!"

But wait...

There is a knock on the door...

It's the hospital business office coming to let us know that the Texans WON'T pay for surgery because apparently Jordan isn't injured!

Oh really...? 4 Surgeons (including the Texan's team surgeon), 2 MRI's, 1 CT scan and x-ray all say he is injured...but the Texan's MANAGEMENT disagrees? Hmm strange. I didn't know the Texan's management went to Medical school...

Ok, so you get the point.

Surgery cancelled.

We're off to file a workman's comp suit.

We'll let you know when we win!

Until then we're going back home!

But before we do...we have a very hungry man who hasn't eaten in 24 hours...

This isn't gonna be pretty

Get the Pepcid AC ready

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Nathan said...

Unbelievable. Sounds like being in the NFL is terrible. I'm glad I turned down the Rams offer and decided to be an's so much better. I think my company would pay for my surgery if I got carpal tunnel...