Tuesday, July 22, 2008

5 months old!

In case your wandering what Hunter has been up to lately...well...your looking at it. He found his feet. He now has a permanent toy attached to his body and he LOVES them!

He turned 5 months old while we were in KC and he is just getting so much more personality. He has definite opinions about everything now. He is still pretty laid back but he can now voice his opinion on what he wants to be doing, eating, looking at etc. He loves practicing "talking" with all kinds of pitches, tones and VOLUMES!!! He has started teething over the last few weeks/months and he pretty much chews on EVERYTHING he can get in his mouth. We are still waiting on the first tooth to cut but he has quite a few "on deck" ready to come out any time. He is 17 pounds 2 ounces and 27.5 inches long!

Feeding is getting to be more of a challenge because he is so much more interested in the world around him than he is in the bottle. It is a chore to get him to sit still long enough to finish his bottle...having to fight him the entire time because he whips his head back and forth back and forth practically throwing the bottle out of his mouth because he doesn't want to miss a thing! He has started solids with a spoon....rice cereal, oatmeal, barley and applesauce and next on the list is peaches. So far he has enjoyed them all!

He has perfected the art of rolling over all directions, so much so that he often practices in his sleep and wakes himself up in the process. Jordan and I find ourselves cracking up all the time because at night when we are all asleep we will suddenly start hearing Hunter over the monitor playing in his crib. We look over and he is just cracking himself up making rasberries with his mouth and cooing/laughing just having a grand ole time at 4am. We had gotten kind of used to him sleeping through the night and then suddenly with all the traveling throwing off his schedule and teething and the rolling over in his sleep... 4am is now a time we get to be awake too! Good news is though he goes back to sleep pretty easily. You would think it would be annoying to suddenly have to get up at 4am after having it so good for so long but when we hear/see him on the monitor just having a ball by himself it is so cute and hilarious we can't help but laugh!

Hunter checkin out his girlfriend Emory

Hunter and his Aunt Rebekah

Uncle James and Aunt Rebekah on July 4th

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