Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy First Father's Day Jordan!

Happy Father's Day to a WONDERFUL dad and husband! This father's day was celebrated with close friends in Kansas City. We went to church and then ate at the Plaza III Sunday buffet. "All you can eat" is a great tradition for Father's day and one that we will continue on future Father's days as I am pretty sure the guys really enjoyed it!

Father's Day brunch with Robbie, Amber, Rudy and Patricia (and Emory)
I must say Hunter is one lucky kiddo to have such a wonderful, hands on, loving father. Jordan is such a natural and is so good with Hunter. He has blown me away the past few months. I love to walk into the room and see Jordan playing with Hunter or giving him a bath, talking to him or just teaching him about the world. Jordan gets so excited when Hunter talks or coos back or gives a big old gummy grin. It just makes me fall in love with Jordan all over again to see him being such a wonderful dad. I can't wait for all the years to come and the priceless moments that my boys will no doubt provide. Until then I am loving every minute!

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Sean&BrookeMahan said...

I love this picture of Jordan and Hunter. Glad he had a great first Father's Day.