Monday, May 12, 2008

Just for fun

Turn up the volume



Meagan said...

The best part is hearing you laugh at him!

Clendenen said...

I love it!! He is so cute.

heather said...

Hey Ash,

So, I found your blog through your sister's, and have to say congrats on little Hunter! He really is a beautiful baby!

And I will definitely have to agree with your sister...I was crackin up at the little guy, but hearing you laugh made it even funnier! Priceless moments...thanks for sharing!


meaghan briscoe said...

Loved hearing his sweet little noises. I am loving the blog, I feel like we get to be part of Hunter's life this way.


Brookemahan said...

Too cute!!! You will have to let us know how to post video to the blog after our little one arrives.

Adrianne said...

This is hysterical! Braden made me play it for him 20 times...He really likes your laugh ;)