Thursday, May 29, 2008


Ok. So, I really love the "idea" of hobbies, but I just wasn't blessed with the creativity or desire to be a hobby person. I am married to the KING of hobbies and it just really bothers him that I don't have any. When I was on bedrest for 15 weeks it was very hard for Jordan to understand how completely bored I was because he could think of an entire list of hobbies that he would be doing if he were on bedrest...ehh to each his own. That being said, he has made it his personal mission to find something that I can call my "hobby". Well lets see...baking...ok I LOVE to bake, especially desserts. Um....blogging, also fun. And well... that's about it. Ok working out is fun but I wouldn't call it a hobby but more a way of life.

Anywho, I REALLY REALLY wish I could make scrapbooking my hobby, but I just don't have the creativity to make it really good and I am kind of a person that if I am not really good at something I don't want to do luckily for me my best friend Amber is REALLY good at it and has taken over my entire first year scrapbook of Hunter for me, and it looks really good so far!! But, as a mom I should really contribute to this so I decided my blog will be my scrapbook and I found the coolest place where I can actually turn my blog into a hardback book!! So to all you fellow hobbiless, scapbookless, blogging moms here it is

Sorry this post had no pictures or updates on Hunter, but I had to share what I have recently discovered. I will post soon on the happenings in our family...because there are many bloggable changes a comin!!


Sean&BrookeMahan said...

I know how you feel. All through high school and college I was very active with all kinds of activities, hobbies,etc.and now I'm pretty much just boring! HA! Don't really feel like anything I like to do is really considered a "hobby" either :). Thanks for sharing the blog book link it's a wonderful idea and I will definitley plan to do that as well.

Meshellyn said...

Hey Ashlie! Thanks for the website link. I've been planning to figure out a way to print and bind my blog for Emberley someday and that will be perfect! I hope you all are doing great. I don't get a chance to check your blog very often, but whenever I do I'm amazed at just how big Hunter is getting. He's a doll!