Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dallas Trip Part 2

We went back to Dallas this past weekend for part 2 of our trip and we stayed with Jordan's parents (Vivi and Papa) this time. Once again Hunter was the perfect traveler and he got his first bath from his Vivi and Aunt Rebekah and he also met his uncle James for the first time. We also went to my sister's baby shower on Sunday and got to see lots of people I haven't seen in forever!! It was a great weekend and we plan to return to Dallas as soon as my niece is born...which could be any day now!
Vivi putting Hunter down for the night
Hunter getting a bath from his Vivi
I love this picture of him sleeping he looks so relaxed and peaceful

Last weekend Hunter had another photoshoot when we were in Oklahoma City by a photographer friend that I went to college with (Aaron Snow...his link is on my blog). Well I got them back yesterday and they are soooo good!! He did such a good job. Hunter has already changed so much since his newborn photos!! I will post a few of my favorites to give you a preview but if you want to see the rest or purchase any you will have to email me for the link!
I love this one of him looking right at the camera
He just looks so pretty in this one


Brookemahan said...

Hunter is such a cutie! I would love for you to email me the link so I can see the other photos. Keep up with all the postings they are wonderful!

Amy Conner said...

Hunter is so precious! How are ya'll doing?

Haley Hamilton said...

Hi, Ashley and Jordan, long time no see... it's Haley Hamilton. Hunter is SO PRECIOUS!!!! Just wanted say hi. How are you guys?