Thursday, May 29, 2008


Ok. So, I really love the "idea" of hobbies, but I just wasn't blessed with the creativity or desire to be a hobby person. I am married to the KING of hobbies and it just really bothers him that I don't have any. When I was on bedrest for 15 weeks it was very hard for Jordan to understand how completely bored I was because he could think of an entire list of hobbies that he would be doing if he were on bedrest...ehh to each his own. That being said, he has made it his personal mission to find something that I can call my "hobby". Well lets see...baking...ok I LOVE to bake, especially desserts. Um....blogging, also fun. And well... that's about it. Ok working out is fun but I wouldn't call it a hobby but more a way of life.

Anywho, I REALLY REALLY wish I could make scrapbooking my hobby, but I just don't have the creativity to make it really good and I am kind of a person that if I am not really good at something I don't want to do luckily for me my best friend Amber is REALLY good at it and has taken over my entire first year scrapbook of Hunter for me, and it looks really good so far!! But, as a mom I should really contribute to this so I decided my blog will be my scrapbook and I found the coolest place where I can actually turn my blog into a hardback book!! So to all you fellow hobbiless, scapbookless, blogging moms here it is

Sorry this post had no pictures or updates on Hunter, but I had to share what I have recently discovered. I will post soon on the happenings in our family...because there are many bloggable changes a comin!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

3 months old

I love 3 months old. My precious baby is 3 months old today and I love this age. I have been so worried about losing my “newborn”, and I still don’t want him to grow so quickly, but what a fun age. It’s amazing the changes that occur between months 2 and 3. Things seem to work themselves out…sleeping is better (he sleeps through the night since 9 weeks). Eating is better (he is consistent and predictable). His noises (not cries because he never cries) have distinct meaning that I actually understand. He looks me right in the face and gives me the biggest gummiest smile which lets me know he loves me and knows who I am. He turns towards the sound of my (and Jordan’s) voice in a crowd (which also lets me know that he knows who we are). He wants to play after he has been fed and will sometimes play for 45 minutes to 2 hours (his favorite game is parrot…we mock his noises and he mocks ours he gets a big kick out of that one)!! He is a great traveler by car, car seat, plane and stroller…whether across the state of Texas or across the neighborhood for a morning walk. He loves to snuggle- but lets you know when he just wants to be left alone to look around. He LOVES to be outside and look around- you can just see the wheels in his head turning and taking it all in. He belly laughs at the silliest things. He wants to sit up all the time so he can look around-especially in his Bumbo chair. He LOVES his bath-time and I always feel a little guilty when it’s time to take him out and dry him off-but then he loves the lotion massage afterwards and the gigantic bottle that follows- so I feel less guilty.
I will say that my 14 pound 25 inch long baby boy is getting more difficult to hold and carry in his car-seat without some serious back pain/strain…but that’s parenting (with it comes back pain…right?). Loving every minute of it! It only gets better!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Niece is here!!

My niece was born on Thursday May 15, weighing 6 pounds 4 oz. and 18.5 inches long!! She was born prematurely at 35 weeks 3 days, and she is perfectly healthy in every way!! We made a quick over night trip to Dallas on Friday to meet her and she is just beautiful. My sister was discharged home this morning and is doing very well.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Just for fun

Turn up the volume


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dallas Trip Part 2

We went back to Dallas this past weekend for part 2 of our trip and we stayed with Jordan's parents (Vivi and Papa) this time. Once again Hunter was the perfect traveler and he got his first bath from his Vivi and Aunt Rebekah and he also met his uncle James for the first time. We also went to my sister's baby shower on Sunday and got to see lots of people I haven't seen in forever!! It was a great weekend and we plan to return to Dallas as soon as my niece is born...which could be any day now!
Vivi putting Hunter down for the night
Hunter getting a bath from his Vivi
I love this picture of him sleeping he looks so relaxed and peaceful

Last weekend Hunter had another photoshoot when we were in Oklahoma City by a photographer friend that I went to college with (Aaron Snow...his link is on my blog). Well I got them back yesterday and they are soooo good!! He did such a good job. Hunter has already changed so much since his newborn photos!! I will post a few of my favorites to give you a preview but if you want to see the rest or purchase any you will have to email me for the link!
I love this one of him looking right at the camera
He just looks so pretty in this one