Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Trip to Kansas City

This past weekend was loaded with firsts. We flew to Kansas City to see our friends, introduce them to Hunter and meet baby Emory (his future wife :)!! It was such a great weekend. Hunter was an awesome traveler and slept through 3/4 legs of the plane ride. When he was awake he just looked around and took it all in. He met so many new little friends. To start we went to visit Brett and Sarah's little kiddos Caleb and Chloe. We then went to see Rudy and Patricia's 1 week old little Emory. She and Hunter were due 3 weeks apart but are actually 7.5 weeks apart. He also met little Landon, Llon and Lori's son.

We had such a fun weekend hanging out and catching up with friends and plan to return in just 2 months!!

Patricia (holding Hunter 8.5 weeks old) Me (holding Emory 1 week old)
Hunter and his future wife Emory (she looks pretty happy about it, he looks a little unsure)
Proud Papas
Hunter wiped out in the hotel after a long day
Hunter with Lori and her son Landon
Hunter with Caleb and Chloe
Mariah and Hunter
Hunter's first plane ride
Hunter wiped out after a day of traveling


The Houston's said...

How fun! He's such a trooper! Hey-I met your cousin at a church we visited last week. She was sooo sweet!

Sarah W. said...

So fun! It was so awesome to see you and Hunter! He seems so small next to Chloe, but next to Emory, he seems so big! Its crazy how fast they change!

About your comment....you and Jordan were Brett's saving grace during his rookie year!! Without you guys, he probably would have quit that year!! Jordan was who I referred to about the reason why I realized my friend had exaggerated Brett's loneliness, since he and Jordan were friends!

brianandlauren said...

I was so looking forward to the new pics! I knew you would post some after last weekend and they were all so good! He is growing so quickly and looks so adorable! I just can't wait to hold him in a couple weeks! Brian moves next week and I will be there May 8th for the weekend. I will be moving for good around May 19th or so. I can't wait to see you guys! Miss you! Lauren