Monday, April 28, 2008

Dallas Trip Part 1

After 9 long weeks Hunter finally made his Dallas Debut this past weekend. The weekend was LOADED with visits. It started with a trip to Christian Care Center where his Vivi works. Vivi got to show him off for a few hours to all the residents and Hunter got to meet his great grandpa (Vivi's dad).

Great Grandpa Harvey

We then went to his Nana's work at Highland Oaks where more "showing off" was done. Friday we went to Oklahoma Christian to go to uncle Adam's college graduation. Before graduation Hunter got his picture made, by a photographer friend of mine from soon to come.

Saturday we went to meet "Meme and Papa" his great grandparents (my mom's parents). He also met my aunt Jayne and uncle Gerald that day. Sunday he went to church for the first time at Preston Crest and met soooo many people there I can't even begin.

Papa and Meme

The cutest thing of the whole weekend was meeting his cousin "Little Man". "Little Man" is 2 and didn't understand that Hunter can't "play" yet. He kept bringing all his favorite toys over to Hunter and laying them on his chest and when Hunter didn't react, or even notice, Little Man would pick it up and put it a little closer and a little closer. He wanted to play so bad but Hunter did not respond!! It was so cute we tried explaining it to him. Little Man also kept calling him that was his name. We would tell him Cousin Hunter is here to see you, so he thought his name was cousin!

Hunter meeting cousin Little Man Hanging with Aunt Rebekah Aunt Hayley and Nana He's not spoiled at all!!! Nana and Pop Hunter is such a happy baby. He often just sits and coos, smiles and laughs, especially after he wakes up or eats. This morning when he woke up he was in such a good mood so I just had to capture it. He just sat there and grinned and laughed at me for like 20 minutes. I got it on video too...which I will post when I figure out how.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Trip to Kansas City

This past weekend was loaded with firsts. We flew to Kansas City to see our friends, introduce them to Hunter and meet baby Emory (his future wife :)!! It was such a great weekend. Hunter was an awesome traveler and slept through 3/4 legs of the plane ride. When he was awake he just looked around and took it all in. He met so many new little friends. To start we went to visit Brett and Sarah's little kiddos Caleb and Chloe. We then went to see Rudy and Patricia's 1 week old little Emory. She and Hunter were due 3 weeks apart but are actually 7.5 weeks apart. He also met little Landon, Llon and Lori's son.

We had such a fun weekend hanging out and catching up with friends and plan to return in just 2 months!!

Patricia (holding Hunter 8.5 weeks old) Me (holding Emory 1 week old)
Hunter and his future wife Emory (she looks pretty happy about it, he looks a little unsure)
Proud Papas
Hunter wiped out in the hotel after a long day
Hunter with Lori and her son Landon
Hunter with Caleb and Chloe
Mariah and Hunter
Hunter's first plane ride
Hunter wiped out after a day of traveling

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So much to say...

I know I have been a very bad blogger. In my defense Jordan started back to work and we have either been out of town or had company in town every weekend the last month...which means very little free time. Ok enough excuses! We have lots of catching up to do. This will take several posts.

First off, Hunter had his 2 month pediatrician visit. He got his first round of vaccinations, which he of course cried very hard, but I think it was harder on me than it was on him! He weighed 11 lbs 9 oz. and was 22.5 inches long. He went from the 20% percentile in height and weight at birth to the 75% in weight and 50% percentile in height in just 7 weeks!! He almost doubled his weight! His pediatrician was very pleased with his growth and head control. We discussed his eating/sleeping habits....the fact that he could not get full and would only sleep in 1 to 1.5 hour stretches and then cry out of hunger again!! I was not getting any sleep and running on fumes. That along with a few other symptoms, (hoarse voice, stuffy nose, constant spitting up) and she diagnosed him with reflux and put on antacids and told me to thicken his milk with rice cereal. Ever since he has been such a happy and satiated baby and is back to sleeping 3-4 hour stretches! This of course makes me very happy too!! The only sad part is our nursing days are over because he has to take a bottle with thickened milk so I have to exclusively pump my milk now and bottle feed him...which makes me sad.

Hunter also took his first road trip to New Orleans, he did so great!!! He had his first visit from his Great Grandmother Mary (Vivi's mom)and saw his great Grandmother/Grandfather Maxine and Harold again (Papa Dwayne's mom and her husband)...see pictures below. He also got to see Nana and Pop and Papa and Vivi again this month...which I don't have pictures of.

Hunter is growing up so fast. He smiles all the time and has given us a few belly laughs (which I LOVE). He is awake and alert so much more during the day but is still my little cuddle bug and just loves to be close or held. He is so laid back and even tempered and rarely cries or fusses. He is just perfect!!

More to come soon I promise!

Playing by himself

Napping with Daddy...too cute

Napping with Momma

Working on that head control

More head control...look how strong he is!

He wore himself out!

Hunter with Great Grandma Mary

Hunter with Great Grandma Maxine