Thursday, March 6, 2008

The start of "Firsts"

The past 2 weeks seem to all be running together, with nothing differentiating between days. We have had fun just hanging out at the house with Hunter and watching him sleep, eat and poop (although he recently started staying up for about 45 minutes after feedings to "play" which has been fun)! I feel very spoiled right now, with meals being brought from church and Jordan being here with me full time (at least until the end of March). This has been such a great time for all three of us to get to spend together.

The "Firsts" have begun...we took our first stroll around the block in his stroller on Sunday, which only proved to me just how much bedrest has effected my cardiovascular system! Hunter also lost his umbilical cord on he got his first bath! He LOOOOOVES baths! He has had 3 since Sunday! He also got his first "hairstyle" from dad...not to be repeated in public! And he will be getting his first official baby pictures made on Tuesday!!
Hangin out on the boppy

Hunter's "hairdo" compliments of dad (he slept right through it)Naptime with dadHunter now weighs 7 pounds but is still pretty tiny next to dad's shoe
First Bath...oh he loved it!

He got hungry in the middle of his bath


Becky said...

He is so precious! I check every day looking for news. I lol at his hairstyle!!!

Brad Cox said...

Jordan and Ashley,

Congrats! Your baby is precious. We have been praying for a healthy child. God is good! Glad to hear you guys will be in Houston for another year.


Brad and Jill Cox

Amy Conner said...

Hunter is a cutie! I know you guys are having so much fun, little boys are the best!

Adrianne said...

Grandpa Bob is a sneaky man ;) I LOVE Hunter's pics! Smiling already...that is one very happy little man!

Jennifer said...

What a photogenic baby boy!!! That's great that hunter loves his bath. It took us a long time to get there.