Friday, March 14, 2008

Newborn Photos

Hunter had his first photo shoot on Tuesday and he did so great! He stayed awake for the majority of the shoot and then fell asleep in the last 5 minutes (just long enough to get a few shots of him sleeping). This is one of their signature photos and one of our favorites. "The nest" it seems is a natural relaxer. When we first arrived we had to strip him down and put the cloth diaper on him, which you can imagine he didn't like. The first shot she took was of him in "the nest". The moment we set him in there he calmed down and was totally "chill" for the rest of the shoot! It was so fun and we look forward to many more photo shoots of Hunter, as we have to document each stage properly!!!
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dev said...

That might just be the cutest little birdie I've EVER seen! :) So glad things are going well. Can you believe how old he already is?!?

Clendenen said...

Love the pictures...keep them coming! Hunter is so cute, I know you guys are loving this special time. Glad to hear KC is doing well too.

Holly said...

The pictures turned out so great! I can't believe how awake he was for most of them...that's awesome. It sounds like things are going well for you 3 thus far. We are so happy for you! Good work on keeping your blog updated, too! Its so great to be able to stay in touch this way. Take care my friend!