Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chunky Monkey!

Hunter is having a major growth spurt. He has been eating so much lately I can hardly keep up!! In fact he gained a whole pound in just 4 days. He now weighs 10 pounds 8 ounces as of yesterday. He actually has baby fat on those tiny little arms and legs and has quite the belly and chubby cheeks, he is even getting a double chin!

Our best friends from Kansas City, Robbie and Amber, came down to meet Hunter this past week. It was such a fun week! Amber worked on my scrapbook for Hunter, she is quite talented, and she pointed out that I only had like 2 pictures of Hunter and me from the past 5 weeks! It's hard to get pictures of me with Hunter when I am always taking the pictures. So, she took lots of picutes while she was here. Amber and I had fun just lounging around taking turns holding Hunter and going for daily walks. Robbie and Jordan did their usual strange guy things they do...I wish I had footage to show you but they spent a good portion of their time trying to make a really awesome youtube video...of a bigfoot sighting (Jordan was suppose to be bigfoot)...I dunno they are strange! But we had a great time and look forward to many more visits.

Robbie and Amber with Hunter
Hunter is actually starting to notice toys!
A rare shot of Hunter crying
Proud daddy
Amber and Hunter cuddling
Hunter passed out from our walk (the T-shirt is from Robbie)
Just look at those chubby cheeks

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

You Wanna ROCK?

Spring break is this week for Oklahoma Christian, so Hunter got to meet his Aunt Hayley and Uncle Adam for the first time. It was a fun weekend! They brought with them some friends from OC...Jaclyn (Adam's girlfriend) and Franze one of their friends. We had fun Rockin out on "Rock Band" and lounging around taking turns holding Hunter.

Hayley holding Hunter, Franze on Base Guitar, Jaclyn on drums, Jordan on lead guitar and Adam with the vocals...they made quite the band!!
Jordan focusing pretty hard on lead guitar
They switched it up...Adam is on lead and Hayley is on vocals now

Uncle Adam and his girlfriend Jaclyn
Aunt Hayley and Hunter
Hunter turns 1 month old in about 12 hours!!! I can't believe how time flies...I know everyone says that, but it really does! He is weighing in at 8 pounds 8 ounces and 22 inches long (he has gained 2 pounds and 3 inches since birth). He has officially grown out of his preemie diapers and is almost out of his newborn diapers....he is becoming a little chunky monkey. His due date is this weekend and he is starting to grow out of the "sleepiness" that comes with being a newborn and being premature. He is finally nursing and STAYING AWAKE for I don't have to pump every meal for him if I don't want to...although Jordan likes to feed him too so we do both. He has quite the little belly going too....he eats soooo much!! He is starting to make short spurts of eye contact and of course still has his random smiles and we swear he giggled yesterday although we haven't been able to repeat it since. He is so laid back and only "fusses" if he gets too hungry or when he gets his diaper changed. He enjoys his daily tummy time when he works on his head control and he is getting very good at it! It has been such a fun month getting to know him!
Hunter at 1 month

Friday, March 14, 2008

Newborn Photos

Hunter had his first photo shoot on Tuesday and he did so great! He stayed awake for the majority of the shoot and then fell asleep in the last 5 minutes (just long enough to get a few shots of him sleeping). This is one of their signature photos and one of our favorites. "The nest" it seems is a natural relaxer. When we first arrived we had to strip him down and put the cloth diaper on him, which you can imagine he didn't like. The first shot she took was of him in "the nest". The moment we set him in there he calmed down and was totally "chill" for the rest of the shoot! It was so fun and we look forward to many more photo shoots of Hunter, as we have to document each stage properly!!!
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Dog Whisperer

If you've had the privilege of meeting KC (our chihuahua) then you know just how concerned we were about bringing a new addition home (she is not very friendly to new people). We have thought about calling up the dog whisperer to help with the transition of bringing home a new family member. However, we have been surprised to find that KC actually reacted well to bringing Hunter home...that is if you count completely ignoring his existence a "good reaction". Her "M.O." has been to just pretend like he doesn't exist. KC's favorite place in the world to be is in Jordan's lap especially if she can snuggle under a blanket. The first week we brought Hunter home KC just retreated to a corner and pouted by herself. With time she has slowly has worked her way back to Jordan's lap...but as you can see there is no Hunter in her world, she just completely ignores him. She figures if she just turns her back on him he doesn't exist...hahaha. Hey, we can't complain though, we thought she was gonna have to be given up for adoption (to the grandparents) when we brought Hunter home, but she has surprised us!

We are still a little leery of her when she gets close to Hunter...
More fun smiles from Hunter

Hunter's favorite way to sleep...
with dad or...
with one arm over his head
and again...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The start of "Firsts"

The past 2 weeks seem to all be running together, with nothing differentiating between days. We have had fun just hanging out at the house with Hunter and watching him sleep, eat and poop (although he recently started staying up for about 45 minutes after feedings to "play" which has been fun)! I feel very spoiled right now, with meals being brought from church and Jordan being here with me full time (at least until the end of March). This has been such a great time for all three of us to get to spend together.

The "Firsts" have begun...we took our first stroll around the block in his stroller on Sunday, which only proved to me just how much bedrest has effected my cardiovascular system! Hunter also lost his umbilical cord on he got his first bath! He LOOOOOVES baths! He has had 3 since Sunday! He also got his first "hairstyle" from dad...not to be repeated in public! And he will be getting his first official baby pictures made on Tuesday!!
Hangin out on the boppy

Hunter's "hairdo" compliments of dad (he slept right through it)Naptime with dadHunter now weighs 7 pounds but is still pretty tiny next to dad's shoe
First Bath...oh he loved it!

He got hungry in the middle of his bath