Sunday, February 24, 2008

We're Home!

Hunter and I were released from the hospital on Thursday afternoon after Hunter was given a clean bill of health! His bilirubin levels were only slighltly elevated upon discharge so we had to follow up with his Pediatrician on Saturday to have him checked. The appointment went great, the Doctor was very pleased with his skin color and growth ever since discharge. He has already grown an inch and half in just two days! He is eating like a champ...are we surprised? Everyday it just gets better and better. We are so blessed to have some help this first week at home while we adjust to new life. The grandmas "Vivi" and "Nana" have decided to take some time off work to help us out. The past few days Vivi, Papa and Aunt Rebekah have been here in Houston hanging out with Hunter and taking care of things around the house so that I can get some much needed rest and recovery. My mom "Nana" flies in tonight to take over for the rest of the week as the Blacks head back to Dallas. Thank you all so much for your prayers...we feel so blessed to be home and healthy!!

Here are some pics of the past few days...

The rare shot of Hunter awake
This is what we usually see...asleep all day
Jordan recovering from delivery (in my bed) Chillin with Aunt Rebekah
Proud grandparents Vivi and Papa


Meagan said...

I miss him!!!! More pics please, his favorite Aunt lives vicariously through this site!!!!!

Sam Snow said...

Could he be any cuter?!

Amy Conner said...

He is so so so precious!!!

Krystal said...

Just wanted to drop in and say hi. Hunter is such a little cutie. Cant wait to see more pic. Well hopfully by this weekend we will have our twins. Just wanted to see if I could get your email add. to send you pics of our new little bundles of joy when they finally arrive. My email add.
Is Well god bless and hopfully hear from you soon. Wish for me some strong(((((((((((((LV))))))))))))

Devion said...

Ashlie! SO glad you're home with a healthy little guy. MY, but he sure looks like his daddy to me! I know that you guys are thrilled and exhausted. Take some time for each other, though. It is sooo important, though hard to do! Take care and we'll all be waiting for more pics! :)