Friday, February 29, 2008

So Worth It...

It has been 10 days since we met our little man and I can definitely say he was so worth it. I am already beginning to forget the long arduous road that I took to get to this point. Everyday Jordan and I just sit and look at him and are so amazed by him...we never want to put him down. Tonight is our first night alone with him. We have been blessed to have help from both grandmas since we have been home from the hospital (see previous post for Vivi's visit). It has been nice to be spoiled and have all of our meals prepared, laundry done, and house picked up these past few days. After last weekend with his Vivi, Hunter got to spend these last few days with his Nana. Jordan and I especially appreciated Hunter's "Nana time" which lucky for us started at 6:30 a.m. when Nana woke up for the day...and mommy and daddy got to sleep in a few more hours while Nana was on shift. It has been such a blessing to have both grandma's spend time with us these last few days and help us get settled into parenthood.

Hunter had his 10 day checkup with his Pediatrician yesterday and he has already gained back his birth weight plus 1 ounce! She was very pleased at his progress and his eating habits. She did advise us to keep him away from the crowded public places (where people like to be "hands on") and keep him away from other kids until mid April (after his 2 month checkup and vaccinations) since it's Flu season and RSV season, and he is especially susceptible being it looks like he won't make his public debut for a while.

These past 10 days of parenthood, I must say, have definitely been awesome. Jordan and I are crazy head over heals in love with this boy. I can't tell you how awesome of a dad Jordan is. As if he didn't blow me away enough throughout my pregnancy...taking care of me while on bedrest...he is an even more amazing father and is just completely wrapped around Hunter's little finger.

Hunter usually sleeps most of the day but the last 2 days his awake time has increased in length just a little. We have had fun watching his facial expressions while he sleeps, often wondering what on earth he could be dreaming about that is causing him to make the expressions he makes...I mean what life experiences does he have to pull on for dreams? It is so funny to watch him smile, frown, and even almost start to cry in his sleep while he is are a few pics that we were able to snap...some awake...some asleep...but all priceless!!


Hunter's shirt says "What happens at grandma's stays at grandma's"
Hunter gettin some "Nana time"


Sarah W. said...

What a sweet post!! And Hunter is just precious. I think he looks like Jordan's dad....has anyone said that?
I love reading your blog, by the way!!

Amy Conner said...

will you email me your email address i just set my blog to private and i realized i didn't have your address to add you

Zack said...

Congrats you two! Hunter looks awesome. God bless!
Ashley, I remember you from Harding. You look great!
Jordan, don't know you, but I was certainly cheering for the Houston Texans. My brother and two sisters went to DC and graduated from there. God bless y'all!

Robyn said...

Hey, Congratulations! I heard about the new baby! Hope all is well. God bless you guys! Robyn Williams