Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Graduation Day!!

After 14 loooong weeks of bedest with home health monitoring, I have officially been released and can return to "normal" activities...(normal life). Wow, I am in shock! We had two great OB appointments yesterday. This is the first time since finding out at 20 weeks about the two-vessel cord and the pre-term labor that we have gone to the Doctor and heard only good news!!! It seemed that the odds where stacked against us, but after tons of prayers we have made it to 34.5 weeks!

At our first appointment, with the perinatologist, we found out that my fluid levels had returned to normal, despite the premature aging of the placenta. We also learned that Hunter already weighs 6 pounds even, despite the two-vessel cord!! His body is measuring about a week ahead but his head is already measuring 40weeks....or full term!!!! OUCH! His head circumfernce was already 9.8cm and my pelvis is only 10cm, so if his head gets any bigger they are going to have to do a c-section. The hope is that he will grow into his head over the next month and his head will stay right where it is.

At my second appointment yesterday, with my regular OB, she officially removed the bedrest restricitions and the home health monitoring (which means no more sticking my self with needles 3 times a week, no more wearing a contraction monitor 2-6 hours a day and no more fanny pack 24/7 for my terbutaline pump!!!). I still have to take some oral pills (nifedipine) to help slow my that hopefully we can make it to 36weeks before delivering, but she wants me to use the next week and a half to try to regain some stamina in order to birth my "very large headed child!"

I cannot express to you how truly blessed we feel to have reached this point. We have shocked both doctors and all my home health nurses and beat the odds!! Ah, the POWER OF PRAYER!!

After leaving the appointments yesterday, I got to go on my first outing in 14 weeks to Babies R Us. Let me just say we were there maybe 15 minutes and I was already hurting, sore and exhausted all over...this is going to be a long road of recovery to regain my stamina but I am thrilled to be at this point.

Jordan is still in shock after learning I am no longer on bedrest he seems to be walking around unsure of what to do or what his role is now. We are now a "normal pregnancy" no longer counting contractions daily and on the phone with nurses and doctors daily wanting to know my progress. He is not used to seeing me on my feet able to get my own things. He doesn't want to let me out of his sight for fear I will "go" at any moment now that I am on my feet. (I can't say that I blame him...I feel the same way.) I cannot say enough about how incredible he has been for me these last few months. Without him I could not have made it to 34.5 weeks. He has been my rock, my emotional and physical support and my caretaker...he has just completely blown me away!

Thank you for all of your prayers!!

I am posting some ultrasound pictures from a few weeks back. We are so excited to meet Hunter in person in the next few weeks!!!

Yep its a boy! (they cutoff the head in this picture, but trust me he has a head!)
3D/4D ultrasound at 25weeks (he is waving to us at the bottom right)

3D/4D ultrasound at 25weeks (his chin is resting on his forarm)


Sam Snow said...


Happy Graduation! I am so excited for you! Let me just say that Sam is in the 98th percentile for head size (which they didn't tell me until AFTER he was born!) I was in labor 16 hours before they decided to do a c-section! You are so lucky they are willing to do a c-section and not have you go through all of that if his head gets any bigger! I am so happy to meet you and can't wait to see pics of your sweet little boy soon!!

By the way, your husband sounds like the sweetest guy!

Jen Snow

The Houston's said...

Yay!!! We'll keep you in our prayers.

Holly said...

YAY for being off bedrest! Congrats Ashlie, that's awesome! We are so happy for you. We'll keep praying that the remainder of your pregnancy goes smoothly and that Hunter will make his appearance soon. Take care! And congrats again!

Clendenen said...

Oh Ashlie I am so excited to hear that you are no longer on bedrest, YIPEEEEE!! I'm glad to hear that baby Hunter is healthy and he is growing well. It won't be long till you are holding him in your arms!!! Lori