Monday, February 4, 2008


One who supports, sympathizes with and trusts. Friends truly are gifts from God.

Over the past few months, Jordan and I have been overwhelmed at the response of our friends and family during this time of our lives. Most of you now that at our 20 week level 2 ultrasound we found out that Hunter and I share a two-vessel cord or (Single umbilical artery). A normal umbilical cord has 2 arterys and 1 vein for a total of 3 vessels. Two-vessel cord occurs in 1% of pregnancies, and is associated with all sorts of birth defects and still birth. It is especially associated with heart problems, kidney problems and growth problems, due to insufficient blood flow between mom and baby. Upon hearing this devastating news I cried for days, fearing the worst. Immediately we called our family and friends to ask for prayers. It did not seem possible at the time that we could get through the next 20 weeks without crying and worrying every day. Jordan and I both were extremely worried, despite the overwhelming evidence, from our ultrasound, that Hunter did not appear to have any of these developmental problems (other than the umbilical cord anomaly). We have since then had a fetal echocardiogram to check his heart development and function, which came out perfectly, and once a month level 2 ultrasounds to monitor his growth, which so far he is 3 weeks ahead!!

Only days following this bad news, did I begin to experience pre-term labor symptoms, which I am confident was jump started as a result of the stress we had been under the last few days. From there it was bed rest and medication for the rest of the pregnancy. We then began to worry that we wouldn’t even make it to “viability” (24 weeks) before him being born, and that became the new focus or worry. Prayers began all over the country that we would make it to at least 32 weeks and that Hunter would be perfectly healthy despite the increased risk due to his umbilical cord. Immediately my best friend from Kansas City flew down to be with me over the weekend, after hearing the news. And I haven’t been alone since! My family and friends have all traded off taking care of me while on bed rest over the last few months, while Jordan continued to work. Of course now that football is over he is my caretaker 24/7. We have been absolutely bombarded with emails, letters, phone calls and prayers from friends all over the country…literally. People we have never even met have emailed us and written us to let us know they are praying for us. After a few days of “mourning” I immediately felt a sense of calm come over me, like I knew everything was going to be ok, even though the concrete evidence had not changed. The prayers of friends and family all over were being answered, and since then we have been at peace about the situation and look forward to the birth of a healthy baby boy. I am now 33 weeks and still pregnant. Praise God!

Ski Trip January 2007 with KC friends

Patricia, Amber and Me in Houston September 2007


Nathan said...

Good to hear from you Ashlie! Jennifer and I were looking at wedding pictures recently and were wondering what you guys were up to these days. We'll be sure to keep the health of you and Hunter in our prayers. It's such a stressful time when there is not complications. I can't imagine what you guys have been through.

Jennifer said...

Ashlie, I am so excited that you found us. I was actually thinking about you recently and wondered if you had a blog. I havent had time to read your posts yet, but I wanted to say hey and congratulations!!! Can't wait to hear all about your life!!!