Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Baby Shower

Our baby shower was originally planned to be in Kansas City in December, but, after being put on bed rest in November it had to be cancelled…or so I thought. Our friends decided to bring it to us, in HOUSTON, since we couldn’t come to them. They all flew down the first weekend in January (8 ½ of them to be exact) with gifts from people who couldn’t make the trip. We had such an awesome weekend. They planned, shopped, decorated, cooked and threw us an awesome baby shower!! I spent the weekend on the couch while they did everything. My mom and Jordan’s mom were able to come too, and they cooked meals for all of us for the weekend.

We had such a fun time being together, hanging out, playing games and playing with little Landon (the ½). We had a great turnout at the shower too. Our friends in KC got to meet our friends in Houston. After the shower, they did my “nesting” for me and washed all of Hunter’s clothes and blankets and organized them into his armoire. They set up our pack-n-play, stroller and installed the car seat (all of which we got at the shower!) Because of them we are fully prepared and ready to bring him home any time now! It was such a wonderful weekend, that we will never forget. Jordan and I are so blessed to have such wonderful friends! We miss them daily and look forward to making a trip back to KC with Hunter in the spring.

Hanging out after the shower

Girls shopping trip to Babies R Us before the shower Look at all the stuff they bought!! Jordan and I with the moms
Yes...unfortunately I was having too many contractions that day and had to wear the monitor (the thing strapped to my belly) and talk with the nurse during the shower...


Sarah W. said...

I loved reading all of your posts!! So entertaining. I had a good laugh about Jordan having the Couvade syndrome! Hilarious.

And, you have some awesome friends!! That weekend sounds like an absolute blast. What a gift!

I am excited to keep up with your life!

Amy Conner said...

Hey Ashley, i just saw your blog on Jennifer Blands,i don't know if you remember me or not from HU, but i was good friends with Christine, i have been in touch with you and everything going on through Christine, and you guys have been in our prayers, i'm so glad to hear that things are going good. Hope everything continues to go well and i can't wait to see pictures of your precious baby boy! Boys are the best!
~Amy Lauren

Ryan & Mary Beth Davis said...

I love your blog!!! Can't wait to see pics of cutie Hunter!

Clendenen said...

Yeah! Now we'll be able to see pics of Hunter when he gets here.

Holly said...

I'm so glad you started this! I'll look forward to more posts/pics so we can keep in touch! Hope you are doing alright.